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How to create your own e-book for java mobiles...!!!!


Hello friends, this article will help you to create your own mobile e-book using Tequila Cat E-book Reader and Converter.

Tequila Cat software supports plain TXT, RTF, PDF, PDB/PRC (Palm e-books), HTML formats. I’ve tested the software by converting a 388kb PDF file, the output JAVA file is now 104kb.Basically,its almost the same as mjBook software.

How to use Tequila Cat:

1> Download TequilaCat V2.3.4 and extract the .zip file to your computer. In my case, I’ve extracted it to C:\Program Files\Java\Tequila
2> Open Shell.exe to convert ebooks
3> Choose the correct phone type
4> Add book and make necessary adjustments to your eBook

Select_Phone_tCat Setup_Book_tCat

5> Transfer your converted ebooks to ur phone… via bluetooth,USB cable etc.
6> Install the java ebook to your phone
7> Open it to read the eBook  

Note that:
-Images from the source file will be ignored
-Don’t forget to set your margins, word wrap, font, colors settings
-Find more information at the help option
-Every book you converted will become standalone,that means that u can read them without having to install any additional reader application just like other java files.
-Press “0″ or zero key to go to the main menu of your java eBook on your phone.
-If you faced any problem then plz mentioned it in comment section.