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How to convert any text-image file to simple text file???

Requirement:Any mobile phone with atleast 2megapixel camera

Hello friends, Do you know that your camera phone can be used for much more than regular pictures taking? Just imagine that you can make a photo of each and every book page and poster, and convert it into the software text file, which you can easily manipulate and edit. What a great solution for:
-Students, spending hours in the public libraries,
-Professional, interesting to input data from the business card automatically in the -software format without additional devices,
-Visually-impaired, planning to read clearly the warning message on the bottle with pills on the pharmacy shelf.
-Anybody, seeing interesting article, poster, graphic ads, and many other uses.

The best software I could find on the market for the announced purposes is TopOCR software. TopOCR is specifically designed as a simple and user-friendly solution for use with digital camera, smart phone, or camera-equipped media player.

The list of the software features, announced by manufacturer, is pretty impressive:-
OCR accuracy of up to 99.8% with a 2+MP camera.
-No limits for amount of pages.
-Handles images with mixed text and graphics (Manual or Auto Zoning).
-Tolerates skew and uneven lighting.
-Multiple text output formats, including searchable PDF and HTML.
-Able to read 11 different languages
-Powerful, easy to use Image Processing with Image Dewarping
-Includes built-in, full featured Text and ImageEditors
-Post-processing spell checker for all 11 languages
-Built-in Text-To-Speech software. OCR to MP3.
-Supports a Command Line Interface and a GUI

===>>. Click here to Download TopOCR Soft.